Wildflower Amusements

One of the best ways to customize your visit to the Wildflower Country Inn is by exploring our menu of amusements!  Check out various enchantments, experiences, getaway packages, happenings & local attractions for a variety of opportunities to make your time with us truly unique. 




Wimberey Group Lodging

Wildflower Enhancements are a variety add-on options to make your visit here extra special. They can be added on to your lodging stay or spa visit & is generally set up & waiting for you upon arrival.  Enhancements range from romantic evenings, birthday surprises, organic produce baskets and more. Click here to view the menu

Wimberley Group Lodging

Wildflower Experiences are a variety led activities that let you experience how to live like a Wildflower! They are open to all guest and the general public.  Experiences range from nature tours, garden immersions, children's activities, parties, yoga & more.  Click here to view the menu.

Wimberley Group Lodging

Wildflower Getaways are designed to offer the perfect stay without any of the stress of planning out your itinerary.  These packages must be added on to a lodging stay and include romantic getaways, self care retreats, nature immersions, detox getaway, bachelorette getaways & more. Click here for more information. 

Wimberley Group Lodging

Wildflower Happenings are scheduled events that are open to all guests and the general public. These events are led by The Wildflower Crew as well as community members and visiting facilitators.  Click here to view the calendar.

Wimberley Group Lodging

Hill Country Attractions is a list of recommended restaurants and activities in our surrounding area.   Click here to find out more about what the hill country has in store for you!

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