Meet The Wildflowers

Dallas Groseclose

Owner, Land Manager/Animal Whisperer 

Dallas is the caretaker for the Wildflower land, working with the plants and animals here to ensure that every being that lives here is loved and looked after. Often seen with Layla, our Great Pyrenees, hot on his heels, Dallas can be found tending to the chickens, feeding the goats, and utilizing his green thumb on every inch of the Wildflower.

The Women of The Wildflower

The Women of The Wildflower is our term of endearment for the collective of Women who have been instrumental to the overall vision and success of the Wildflower through their work as independent contractors with the Spa & Wellness Center, as artisans creating goods for the gift shop or contributors to the development of the property and programs.

Becky Smith

Wellness Practitioner/Gypsy Healer

Becky Smith is a San Marcos native. While travelling in Thailand she took a massage course and fell in love, and subsequently achieved certification in both massage and yoga. Ever since, she has been dedicated to absorbing as much knowledge as possible regarding health and wellness. Currently pursuing an herb certification program, Becky is applying this knowledge towards herbal massage blends, plant essence yoga, and many other possibilities. Becky loves being a part of the big beautiful Wildflower dream and cherishes the support, community, and the inspiration she draws from the beautiful women here. You will most likely find her walking the nature trail barefoot with her dogs, possibly chasing after fairies.

Elise Seidel

Wellness Practitioner/The Flowess

Elise loves to teach yoga and spread consciousness to all those who, like her, are drawn to the Wildflower property.  She feels inspired by being in an environment where the people truly care for each other, the land, the space and their guests and hopes open her students to new pathways of happiness and healing . Elise has been teaching yoga for over 6 years and been a student of yoga and spirituality for much longer. She received her 200 hour teacher certification and has since completed additional hours of training in restorative yoga, teacher instruction and more. Elise enjoys coaching and playing volleyball, adventures in nature, swimming in the river, and being with those she loves.  She looks forward to an opportunity to bring all of her loves together through classes, workshops and retreats in this sacred space. 

Molly Abel

Wellness Practitioner / Rainbow Caster
Molly is a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master / Teacher, & Artist. She came to the Wildflower for a Cob-Building workshop and quickly fell in love with the beautiful property and the warm, welcoming souls who care for it. She feels right at home being part of a team who genuinely wants to create a nurturing experience for their guests, as well as each other. Through her energy & bodywork, she hopes to bring a colorful vibrancy to her client's being - leaving them relieved and open to joy. In her spare time, you will most likely find her painting, singing, or dreaming♡ 

Mary Adams

Wellness practitioner / Social Butterfly

Mary Adams is a global empowerment catalyst with over 10 years’ experience as a multidimensional teacher, speaker, ordained clergy, social media strategist and TV show co-host on "Life School 101 TV" and "Walking Through Life.” Additionally, Mary is a certified "Warrior Goddess Facilitator" under Heather Ash Amara, a facilitator of Toltec foundational classes and studies, a social media teacher, website optimization specialist, co-founder of “Co-Creator Radio Network,” radio show host, and has a thriving coaching practice on a global level. Mary's mission is to empower people to create their highest goals and dreams.  

Carley Hyden Groseclose

Owner, Director of Operations/Wo-Manifester

Carley is the true Hostess with the Mostess. Drawing from her experience in managing people, places, and events and also her training in both traditional counseling and alternative healing modalities, she has masterminded the actualization of the Wildflower dream. She loves creating a idyllic space and caring for the people that visit by helping them to reconnect with each other, with nature, and with themselves. She enjoys being able to do what she loves While creating a Space for her family, friends and guests to thrive. Carley lives on property with her family.

Chelsea Dasha

Innkeeper/Ginger Root of All Things Wonderful

Chelsea quit a successful high paying, high priority job to explore what made her happy – and through trips around the world and back, she wound up here, ready to help and build a collaboration in her own backyard. Truly a ‘Jackie of All Trades,’ Chelsea is trusted to ensure that our guests are well taken care of, well prepped and readied for, and that they walk away from here feeling better than when they arrived. She looks forward to growing creatively through pursuing construction & apothecary crafts, so that her handiwork can be seen in both the structures & the gift shop.  After working here for just 2 months she decided that she never wanted to leave and now lives onsite with her husband and their son. 

Natalie Klepper

Director of Guest Relations/Fairy Godmother

Natalie enjoys building custom experiences for guests, working side by side with them to create what it is they imagine. She loves working in this beautiful environment, surrounded by kind, driven, healthy, inspiring people in a successful, growing business. She counts herself fortunate to have been able to see the initial potential of the Wildflower and to watch it blossom into the dream that she knew it could be. Natalie goes above and beyond for those around her and has a knack for making anyone feel at home in this magical little slice of hill county.

Kirby Hyden

Land Manager / Ranch Pa

Kirby is Carley’s dad, but really is loved and looked to as the Ranch Dad for every one of the Wildflowers. We joke that he is our very best employee because he works the hardest, and he does it all for free and with a smile. Kirby retired after 35 years in the barbecue business where he was the recipient of the esteemed ‘Texas Monthly’ top 50 award. He moved to Wildflower and two weeks into retirement bought himself a smoker. Kirby and Carley are two of a kind and he loves being able to help his daughter see her dream come to life!

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