Spiritual Nourishment

We believe that to be truly well, you must address your physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic health as a whole system.  Enhance your journey to total wellness through one of the sessions below. All sessions include a property pass to visit the gardens, animals, labyrinth and nature trail.




Reiki is a gentle relaxation technique that addresses all levels of your being. The word itself is Japanese and translates to “universal life energy.”  It aids in restoring a sense of balance & interconnected harmony in mind, body, and spirit.  The practitioner may focus the energy to certain areas, but it ultimately goes where it is needed most. This makes Reiki non-invasive in nature and complementary to all healing modalities. Each, 1 hour, session begins with aromatherapy and deep, conscious breaths to ease you into a state of receiving. You will leave feeling peaceful & uplifted.

1 hour, $85


Chakra Healing


At the center of each of us, along the spinal column, lies 7 wheel-like energy distribution centers.  These energetic centers take in life force energy, and send it back out impacting our spiritual, emotional and physical health.  When a chakra is out of balance, depleted or excessive, it can negatively effect us on all of these different dimensions.  Through the healing session, our goal is to pull from many different modalities to bring balance back to your chakra system. Prior to the appointment, an assessment will be done using various intuitive methods and a client questionnaire to guide our focus towards one or two chakras needing the most attention.   These sessions are interactive (think private workshop), where the client participates in the healing process through guided meditation, exercises and experiential activities intended to activate healing..  We will also utilize chakra-based music, herbs, crystals, aromatherapy and will included energy healing through the use of Pranic Healing and Reiki for a complete introduction to the world of chakra healing.  Clients will go home with information for further self-care.

90 minutes, $155

Hill Country Plant Spirit Medicine Tour

Just like us, plants are more than their chemical constituents, and when working with plant spirit medicine the primary relationship is not about chemistry, it’s about a spiritual relationship to the plants as living, aware, and intelligent beings. From this perspective, these allies can take us beyond mere symptomatic treatment to aligning us with the vast web of the natural world. Drawing on indigenous and energetic herbalism, this nature walk will guide participants in identifying the wide range of helpful plants that are growing as wild natives as well as in our gardens. We will have the opportunity to meditate outside, harvest, and create our own plant spirit medicine that participants can take home.

90 minutes, $74 for one person and $25 for each additional participant. 

Please Call 512-392-9529 or email thewildflowerspa@gmail.com for more information or to book.

​For those looking for more intensive healing and spiritual programs, please ask for referrals.  We know several talented spiritual counselors, mediums & breath-work practitioners in the area.

512-749-9242 | info@thewildflowercountryinn.com |900 FM 32, San Marcos, TX 78666 Located 5 miles from the Wimberley Town Square

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