Partner Yoga, $50 per couple.   Practice yoga with your sweetheart!  Partner Yoga is a wonderful way to connect and experience some of the poses together in a fun new way. Each posture is a refection of each other, or provides support and ease of movement through gentle stretches and straightening.


Goddess Party, $60 flat fee plus $75 per person.  Celebrate the divine feminine and channel your inner goddess in one very magical evening.  This is a wonderful package to celebrate brides and mothers to be, birthdays, life transitions and friendships.  At the start of this 3 hour gathering, you will arrive to a beautifully decorated table (ambiance is everything during a goddess party) and all adorn yourself with your very own fresh flower crown. You will be greeted by your Wildflower Hostess/Goddess who will lead your group in a custom ritual designed for your occasion.  Next, we will show you to your DIY Herbal Bath Salt Making table and give a short instruction on the benefits of the various herbs, oils and salts provided.  For the remainder of the evening, we will leave you to make your salts and celebrate with your fellow goddesses while enjoy hour devours and your choice of complimentary wine, mimosas or herbal tea.  Add on spa services and an overnight stay for the ultimate goddess experience! If you would like the goddess party experience in the Main house or your cottage, take off $60.


For children's birthday parties, check out the Lil' Wildflower Section


Fun for the Lil’ Wildflowers

Nature Crafts: A wonderful way for the kiddos to combine outside movement with creative activity, In this 1.5 hour program, your child will gather some of their beautiful materials from the land, the world’s original art supply box before heading to the creative station where they will be led in one of our favorite craft projects using flowers, twigs, feathers, leaves and stones mixed with paint and crayons of course! Everyone takes home their nature souvenir and cherished memories.

Program length: 1.5 hours


1 participant–$45

2-3 participants-$23/child 

4-10 participants-$18/child

11+ participants-$15/child 


Lil’ farmers: Kids can join our homestead crew for a taste of life on the ranch. Chores change by the season and might include collecting eggs, feeding our chickens and goats, turning and learning about compost, watering the greenhouse, pulling weeds and planting seeds, or harvesting straight from the garden.

Program length: 45 minutes


1 participant – $25

2-3 participants- $15/child

4-6 participants - $12/child

7-10 participants - $11/child

11+ participants-$10/child 


Fairy Picnic: Let’s frolic with the fairies in their home on the nature trail!  Picnickers will meet their Fairy Godmother to put on their wings and hike up the trail to the fairy tree for a little bit of magic and fun.  During our picnic, the little fairies will hear a story about their fairy friends while enjoying snacks & lemonade.  Then we will create their own flower fairy craft and plant magical flower seeds as a present for our fairy friends. A great opportunity to get outside, get physical and get enchanted!

Program length: 1.5 hours


1 participant–$65

2-3 participants-$35/child 

4-6 participants-$28/child

7-10 participants -$24/child

11+ participants-$22/child 


Lil’ Wildflower Birthday Party Upgrade: Make the Fairy Picnic, Nature Crafts or Lil’ Farmer program a birthday party to remember! Little wildflower birthdays include your choice of smores or cupcakes, favor bags and one hour (in addition to the time of your programming) in your own decorated party barn.

Up to 10-$100




​Get Outside



Edible and Medicinal Hill Country Natives Guided Tour: There are many useful plants growing on our property, but many of them were here long before we put in our gardens. The Texas Hill Country is home to a wide variety of wild edible and medicinal plants – if you know where to look! Learn where to find, how to identify, and how to properly prepare a seasonal selection of local edible and medicinal plant species. We will learn about the ethics of foraging, as well as have the opportunity to harvest and sample yaupon, the only caffeinated plant indigenous to North America. Keep in mind that as our landscape changes throughout the year, the selection of plants will change, so you can repeat this tour each season to experience new content. 

Program length: 1 hour


Cost:  1 participant, $30

2-3 participants, $15/person

4-10 participants, $12/person

11+ participants, $11/person


What to bring: comfortable shoes, weather appropriate clothing, Pen/pencil and a camera are recommended.


Guided Night Hike: Join us for a night hike and discover the nocturnal magic of the Texas Hill Country after the sun has set. Get to know the animals, birds, and insects of this unique ecosystem that come alive during the nighttime hours. Scorpion and spider hunting, navigating by the stars, the phases of the moon, using our nighttime senses, and much more await you tonight in the woods at the Wildflower! Fun for the whole family.

Program length: 45 minutes

What to bring: comfortable shoes, weather appropriate clothing, (headlamps are provided)


Cost:  1 participant, $45

2-3 participants, $15/person

4-10 participants, $12/person

11+ participants, $11/person



Hill Country Plant Spirit Medicine Tour:  Just like us, plants are more than their chemical constituents, and when working with plant spirit medicine the primary relationship is not about chemistry, it’s about a spiritual relationship to the plants as living, aware, and intelligent beings. From this perspective, these allies can take us beyond mere symptomatic treatment to aligning us with the vast web of the natural world. Drawing on indigenous and energetic herbalism, this nature walk will guide participants in identifying the wide range of helpful plants that are growing as wild natives as well as in our gardens. We will have the opportunity to meditate outside, harvest, and create our own plant spirit medicine that participants can take home.


Program length: 1.5 hours


1 participant, $40

2-3 participants, $20/person

4-10 participants, $18/person

11-14 participants, $17/person

15+ participants, $16/person    

What to bring: mason jar, comfortable shoes, weather appropriate clothing, Pen/pencil and a camera are recommended.




For the Ultimate Self-Care experience, check out our Spa & Wellness Center for a Full Spa Menu, Yoga, Infrared Sauna and Spiritual Nourishment options.





Wildflower Experiences 


If you want to truly live like a Wildflower, check out our menu of Wildflower Experiences.  They are open to all guest and the general public and must be booked in advance to ensure availability.

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