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Wimberley Retreat Center- Indoor Group Y


Join us for a special series where we will release, awaken and energize our chakras.  Over seven gatherings, we will focus on each chakra individually and explore how it can effect your physical, emotional and spiritual health.  Each meeting will include:

  • Chakra based meditation and yoga

  • Experiential activities designed to open each chakra

  • Education & in depth discussion on individual chakra health

  • Herbal tea and healthy snacks

  • Handouts & guidance for weekly self study

May 21st, 6 p.m.: Free introduction class! Please R.S.V.P.

We will provide an overview of the chakra system and more information on the series, including a complimentary assessment to provide insight on you personal chakra health & needs.

Early Bird Pricing until May 22nd:

For the full, 7 week Series: $210

Al la carte classes, Per class: $35


After the 20th:

$40 per class, please sign up at least 24 hours before class.

Tuesdays 6-8pm

  • May 28th-Root (Red)

  • June 4th-Sacral (Orange)

  • June 11th-Solar Plexsus (Yellow)

  • June 18th-Heart (Green)

  • June 25th-Throat (Blue)

  • July 2nd-Third Eye (Indigo)

  • July 9th-Crown (Violet)

Participants asked to come to each class wearing the color corresponding with that weeks chakra.  During series, participants will receive discounted rates on all services through our Spa & Wellness Center.


Register Below!  

What are Chakras? 

What are the Chakras?

Chakra, in Sanskrit, literally translates to 

"wheel", and each wheel or chakra represents a major energy center within you. There are 7 major chakras: the first one starts at the root or base of your spine and moves through to the very top, or crown of your head. All chakras are linked to locations in the body such as heart or throat, and associate with certain glands and their nearby organs. Chakras communicate and connect the systems of our body, therefore, contributing greatly to our physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.


There is much to learn about our seven spinning wheels of energy and how each specific area of focus makes up the whole of our being. Knowing what energies we bring into ourselves, what is already within, and what we choose to send out into the world, is also part of chakra awareness.  


By exploring the Chakras, you can learn a great deal about yourself. You may confront areas in your life or your body that may need healing or attention. However, working in each chakra can bring about new ideas, perspectives and ways of thinking, as well as, open up doors, expand your mind, and awaken your most innate capabilities. It can help you realize your purpose here on earth, and your connection to all things.

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